Let there be promys!

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Let there be promys! Empty Let there be promys!

Post  Marcel on Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:04 pm

Well plumpy and elfy are taking a break but they sayd they want us 2 be past promy-vahzl by the time they can do missions again and thats just what wel do.

this sunday we going to promy vahzl. the giant banana and dae are gonna be helping us.
get your CS done and be ready by the usual start time.(11est)
if we all on befor that we can start earlyer.

supplys: poison pots,holywater, RR item, and animas (we can buy em or we can farm em on saturday)

i forgot what jobs everyone has at 50+ so just post em here 2 see what everyones going as.

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Let there be promys! Empty Re: Let there be promys!

Post  Zael on Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:01 am

If Marcel told me the people correctly (Ares, Dimples, Marcel, Thor, Banana, Daed)

Then i'd got with this set up:

Ares : SMN
Dimples : WHM
Marcel : RNG
Thor : DRK
Banana : PLD
Daed : WAR

This way we have the damage and for the BCNM, Daed/Thor/lolmarc can keep the next mob at bay (In the BC you fight the 3 promy bosses again but at the same time(each one agroing after the one you are killing is at 20%))
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