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I will also note, as it is not stated in this page, that according to the jp wiki *had a friend look at part of it* you do get 100 points for landing the killing blow to an enemy, with no known cap on how many kills count

Campaign Point Calculation
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Basic Knowledge

* Magic Resist gets points added.
* Doing something to a non-allied tag member/enemy = 0 points.
* Miss or No Effect on PC/NPC = 0 points.
* Total EXP rounded down the to nearest 5 points
* Total AN is not rounded down, it is possible to obtain more AN than EXP.
* Exp/Region points calculated by each category listed below.
* Depending on time spent in battle there is a cap (if you decide to stop battle when it's not finished).
* If your level is low there is a penalty to EXP earned at end/finished.

Category/Point list

It is currently understood that you get the following points for the following actions:

* Buffs (to yourself)
o 20 points per buff
o 150 points cap
o Buff abilities also count, doesn't have to be spell only.

* Buffs to Other PC & NPC
o 10 points per buff
o 300 points cap

* Buffs (Songs)
o 20 points x (# of members in party)
o 300 points cap

* Debuff/Weakness Spells
o 15 points per action
o 300 points cap
o Dia/Bio does not count, they are considered as given damage on first spell hit.

* Auto-attack
o 5 points per hit turn (two handed weapon/duel wield only counts as 5 max even hitting more than once per turn)
o 150 points cap

* Critical Hits
o 10 per critical hit
o 50 points cap

* Skillchain
o 20 points
o 300 points cap
o Does not make a difference if it's level 1 or 2 skillchain, however there is no info yet on level 3.

* Physical Damage Given
o 10% of Damage Given (100 damage = 10 points)
o Seems like there is a cap depending on region, seems like 750 max, not sure yet.

* Magic Damage Given
o 10% of Damage Given (100 damage = 10 points)
o Infinite? (possible cap depending on region)
o Seems like it is considered as different category from physical damage

* Damage Taken
o 10% of Damage Taken (100 damage = 10 points)
o Infinite?
o If you are over killed by a monster you still get that much damage worth of points (2000 damage = 200 points)

* Healing/Curing
o 10% of total Cure
o 500 points cap

* Raise
o 20 points each raise
o Infinite?

* Attacking Enemy Fort (unknown)
o 20 points
o 200 points max

* Player Death
o -30 points
o Infinite?

Cannot get points for the following actions:

* Regular - Weapon Skill, Range Attack, Pet Commands
o Any damage given by these are considered as Physical Damage Given category, if spell then Magic Damage Given.
* MP Healing
* Dia Spells - Dia, Dia II, Dia III
o First damage given by the spell goes under Magic Damage Given
* Bio Spells - Bio, Bio II, Bio III
o First damage given by the spell goes under Magic Damage Given
* Eating food
* 2 hour abilities (only 1 has been tested so far (PD) need more info)

*This chart looks a lot better at the given link, it does not copy well*
Total cap on points depending on battle length.
Rank points/min - 15 minutes - 30 minutes - 60 minutes
Bronze Ribbon of Service 60 900 1800 3600
Brass Ribbon of Service 62 930 1860 3740
Allied Ribbon of Bravery 64 960 1920 3840
Allied Ribbon of Glory 66 990 1980 3960
Bronze Star 68 1020 2040 4080
Sterling Star 70 1050 2100 4200
Mythril Star 72 1080 2160 4320
Golden Star 74 1110 2220 4440
Copper Emblem of Service 76 1140 2280 4560
Iron Emblem of Service 78 1170 2340 4680
Emblem of the Steel Knight 80 1200 2400 4800

Penalties given by Levels
Level Total XP possible
1 - 15 20%
16 - 30 40%
31 - 45 60%
46 - 60 80%
61 - 75 100%

Full credit for the translated information posted on this page goes out to Reinheart. The original source to this information can be found here.

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