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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:39 pm

Ok. now im gonna show you how to do this a proper way.

Name: Roger
Age: 18
Favorite color: Black
Favorite Food: Beer
Favorite Drink: Beer
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VII
Country: Norway

Ok. and now about myself.

I first stepped into the world 18 years ago at 16/11-89 in a hospital in a small city called Fredrikstad. I lived a .....................

im just kidding Laughing .

Ssrsl. i work a 105% position in a store tht pay 1/3 of normal payrate and i tax away most of tht Evil or Very Mad . The rest time i have i spend with you, i think this explenation makes telling about my social life unessesary?

well. enough about me. tell me about you clown .

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